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"Weird weekend at Oulton Park"

"Weird weekend at Oulton Park"
Date: 02-04-2018 By: JanJonck Presse

“It has been a really weird weekend to be honest”, said Jan. “We had pretty limited running in testing, but Tom and I managed to put us in the top 10 (7th and 9th) in both of our qualifying sessions, even though it was my first time out on new slicks this year. But both of us felt as though there were more potential in the car, so we were very optimistic about the races.”

“The weather was all over the place most of the weekend and after a dry qualifying we were handed a wet Race 1. Tom were doing a really good job and we were in the top 5 when the pit window opened. Unfortunately, Tom hit a puddle when the track was drying up and went off in druids. He did a really good job of getting the car back on track though. I got in and managed to come in as 10th scoring points and getting a 6th in the silver category.”

“The track was drying but just before Race 2 it started raining cats and dogs. The race was started behind safety car due to the massive amounts rain and after I had been running behind the safety car for around 10 minutes, they eventually red flagged the session. The conditions were horrible, and you were pretty much aqua planning on every single straight. And the vision was terrible to.”

“I never really felt like the weekend really settled in. With a crash Friday and the weather, we never really had the time to tune in the car either. But I think we showed some good potential and I’m sure we’re going to get some great results when we hit some of the tracks that fit the Aston later in the year.”


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